24 May 2016 – London Agile Coaching meet-up – Scrum Master interview questions, Commodore Pet and Larry Weed’s classic 1971 lecture

Baldev and I were at the London Agile Coaching Network on Tuesday.

Here’s some of the areas we covered.

  • We discussed ways to respond to this interview question “How do you deal with a developer who is resistant to testing, who has finished their assigned sprint backlog”
  • We also discuss this interview question “What would you say to the Head of Software Engineering who wants to attend all the scrum ceremonies”
  • Dean spoke briefly about the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace, where individuals and organisation with digital specialisms can be matched with work and outcomes needed by the gov’t.
  • Dean tested and got some valuable feedback on his Teal organisations, and Buurtzorg nursing home care presentation. Dean plans to present this at Government Digital Services. Teal characterises organisations that are gaining the benefits of individual and team self-management, wholeness, and a deeper sense of purpose.

  • Baldev spoke about some of his rich and varied career history where he programmed one of the earliest digital medical records on a Commodore Pet.
Commodore Pet
Commodore Pet
  • This prompted us to talk about Larry Weed’s classic 1971 lecture, where he berated doctors in the United States for not keeping up-to-date and easily accessible patient medical records. In the lecture Dr Larry Weed discusses problem-orientated medical record keeping and clinical decision-making – perhaps something we can draw analogies from.
Larry Weed
Larry Weed at the 1971 Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

London Agile Coaching Network meetups is different to the typical Agile meetup because they’re intentionally kept to a small number of people. This allows folks to have an open and more in-depth set of discussions, and perhaps have a more frank and honest debate. It’s an open forum with no upfront agenda.

Look out for the next London Agile Coaching Network meetup.

Baldev Dhadda and Dean Latchana