Career Case Studies

The Telegraph

2016: Agile Adoption to allow delivery teams to transform online products

At the Telegraph many delivery teams had different awareness of agile practices. I needed to determine areas where agile practices needed improving, and support them in their transition.

Actions included facilitating and improving scrum ceremonies; running team health-checks; improving the delivery lifecycle such as identifying cross-team bottlenecks; mentoring individuals; adoption of SAFe in the department.

As a result teams had the freedom to improve, thus enabling them to meet tough delivery objectives. Leadership team recognised and supported the benefits of further agile adoption.

Financial Times

2015: Revenue protection and improved subscription flexibility, while overhauling backend systems

An ambitious deadline was set to protect revenue while launching a new trial subscription pricing model and migrate all types of subscription payment to new backend systems. Development teams were located in Asia and the UK.

I was assigned to ensure the multi-country, multi-timezone teams worked harmoniously with commitment and focus.

To ensure multiple location teams were efficient, effective and timely I carried out scrum ceremonies, team health checks, and facilitated work using Kanban to constrain work-in-progress.

Teams were able to retain revenue while overhauling underlining infrastructure, introduce new subscription model, and increase operational resilience.

2014: Cost saving; performance improvements; recovered reputation

DB migration project had been taking months to deliver resulting in delayed cost savings, inflexible deployment process, sub-optimal performance to end-users, and reputation damage to department.

I was assigned to resolve delays and accelerate delivery.

I created a resource and deployment plan with all departments; re-introduced scrum techniques with more rigour; lobbied key decision makers to prioritise delivery.

The team was able to achieve first migration within weeks; more flexible software releases; dramatical performance improvement for internal & external users; hardware decommissioned saving £30k/year; helped improve department’s reputation including frequent praise for CTO.

2014: Used BDD to reduce ambiguity and miscommunication between teams

The Financial Times was creating a content API service.

Poor coordination and understanding between product leadership and delivery teams had room for improvement, resulting in some delays and frustration.

As Scrum Master, I facilitated and drove the adoption of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).

Actions included running business specification workshops; separating ‘specification by example’ from technical planning; adjusting Kanban processes and running retrospectives.

We succeeded in reducing ambiguity & miscommunication, and released the correct functionality in a controlled development cycle.


2013: Brought delayed CMS rollout back on track

BBC was behind schedule on delivering a CMS to enable journalists to author new content for a new online product.

As Senior Project Manager, brought project back on track.

I liaised with stakeholders to evaluate project status and set new priorities; co-created technical delivery plan and training programme; introduced Scrum methodology and Jira task tracking tool to oversee system build; and played key role in system deployment.

We succeeded in completing project within 3 months, allowing journalists to publish new content and further product development.


2012: Lead multi-country teams to support global product launch for Nike

AKQA is a key partner for Nike, which had a global marketing platform and wanted to use a CMS to manage products and their global marketing.

As Senior Project Manager, modified existing CMS to meet global requirements for Nike teams, campaigns and products.

I reviewed and re-vamped internal requirement gathering processes; developed project plan and solution; utilised Scrum throughout project to optimise delivery; and played role in supporting release teams during global product release.

We succeeded in modifying CMS, which improved product launch efficiency and supported the global launch of Nike’s Fuelband product line.


2010: Helped recover department’s reputation through introduction of agile methodologies

MTV Networks wanted to roll out Agile methodologies to better prioritise development and rebuild trust between stakeholders and delivery team.

As Project Manager, established methodologies and project portfolio.

I reviewed operations, defined requirements and created plan to prioritise and mitigate issues; trained delivery team on Scrum process; established technical and business processes; and led execution of and support for various projects.

I succeeded in introducing agile approach, which improved project efficiency and strengthened trust between technical teams and stakeholders.