Cynefin Accident & Emergency Simulation Game

The Cynefin A&E Simulation Game (working title) is a new game that’s under development. It’s been well received by the Telegraph (2015), Financial Times (2016), UK Government’s Cabinet Office (2016), several events, Adventures with Agile (2016) and at the London Agile Coaching Network (2016).

Based on the Cynefin Framework, the game is based in a fictitious Accident & Emergency ward (aka Medical Emergency Room). The players are presented with different scenarios where patients arrive in different medical conditions and states of distress. The players need to know which Cynefin domain to place the patients, and be aware of the dynamics between the domains. This is challenging because there isn’t often a full understanding of each patient’s condition and the constraints in the emergency ward.

The game and framework is designed to encourage participants to make better assessment of the complexity of different real-world situations, and to make use of a structured decision model to treat each situation with appropriate care and consideration.

Credit goes to Dave Snowden

The Cynefin framework has been developed by the esteemed academic and consultant Dave Snowden

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Cynefin A&E Simulation Game by Dean Latchana is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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Why the game and material is available for everyone, for free

The game and the material has been added to the Creative Commons because I’d like many people to play the game. I hope this will promote the many ways the Cynefin framework can help individuals, teams, organisations and society. I believe the framework can help us understand and improve the world.

The only thing I’d ask is for people to mention me, Dean Latchana, as the creator of the game, and give credit to Dave Snowden as the thought-leader and originator of the framework.

At the moment the material is raw. It hasn’t been developed into something you can simply pick-up and start playing with your team. Therefore I recommend you contact me ( to learn more about it, and perhaps find out if I can facilitate a session with you and your team; at the very least I recommend we chat before you use it.

Finally, since the game is in development, please give me feedback (

Game material

Presentation slides (June 2016)

Guidance for Gamemasters (June 2016)

Scenario cards (June 2016)

Board for the game (2016)

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