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 Agile’s emerging success outside of IT
Agile Tour London 2017 – London – 20th October 2017

Available for talks and workshops

A list of the available talks and workshops I have delivered in the past. Contact me if you’d like these talks and workshops run at events, meetups, conferences or within your organisation, or for your clients.

Slide from Innovation and Organisation Reorientation talk

Innovation and Organisation Reorientation: For organisations to survive and thrive, they most move from predicting and controlling output, and reorientate themselves towards sense and responding towards delivering outcomes. They must do this by conducting experiments in the way they work, and by push authority to teams.

The Agile PMO: The PMO has the power to support your organisation’s revolution

Teal Organisations: The next paradigm shift in working practices, such as distributed authority, and how it relates to recognising and handling business complexity.

Situation Analysis to Stay Ahead of the Game – Workshop for leaders and managers to understand the difference between known and emergent operating and business models, and the needs to focus more energy on exploring emergent practices (e.g. Lean enterprise) and opportunities.

Cynefin workshop

The Cynefin Emergency Room simulation workshop – A participatory workshop to understand how the Cynefin framework can guide decision-making in teams and across organisations.

In partnership with Tomasz Kropiewnicki, I also run another version of the Cynefin workshop.