Agile Training

Screenshot from the Agile course material

For those new to Agile and Lean, or looking for a refresher, I provide Agile training. It provides a rich, stimulating introduction to the agile & lean mindsets and ways of working.

It often leaves attendees with a deeper appreciation of how agile and lean can help their organisation meet its challenges and opportunities in a fast-changing world.

Participants explore how they can be the change-agents to influence their organisations to be more value-focused, collaborative and effective. It allows them to support their teams to become more responsive to market demands and test their assumptions continuously.

Participants at Agile training

This course has been run dozens of times for different clients, including FTSE 100 companies and independently.

It’s typically a one-day course. It can be customised to be delivered in as little as two hours.

Learning outcomes

  • Raison d’être, theory and practical implementation of agile ways of working
  • Awareness of what’s needed to be an effective member of an agile team.
  • Explore how agile ways of working can fit specifically into the attendee’s team.
  • Help your team start or continue their journey to be highly effective.
  • The role of a leader and impact of organisational culture and structure.
  • Learn from an experienced agile coach and from other attendees
Screenshot from the Agile course material


  • In an uncertain market, the role of agility across the organisation
  • What is agile and how it compares to traditional ways of working
  • The cross-functional team
  • Theme and principles of agile ways of working
  • The learning feedback loop
  • The Agile mindset and Agile manifesto
  • The Scrum method, ceremonies, roles & responsibilities
  • Brief introduction to other agile methods
  • Plenty of exercises

Learning style

Participants at Agile training

My style isn’t to lecture. I give attendees enough teaching and inquiry to stimulate questions, reflection and self-realisation.

I also include activities such as icebreakers and exercises which help embed the theory.

It’s not about IT

Agile outside of IT is growing, so the material and my training are not related to IT per se. For over a year I’ve been training recruiters, middle-management and teams who aren’t in software.

Prices, training dates and location

Contact me to discuss and arrange training and costs.