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Business Agility – Increasing your organisation’s competitiveness

This Business Agility talk addresses how organisations can handle market pressure and opportunity. It covers:

  • Closing the gap between vision and execution
  • The ambidextrous organisation and portfolio management
  • Determining which initiatives provide a strategic fit with the vision
  • Mindset and ways of working
  • Reducing the delay between alignment effort, execution and ROI
  • Governance, execution and enablers.

Here’s more details on the Business Agility talk.

No longer distant cousins. Agile working with Finance

The worlds of agile and finance often feel like distant cousins. Yet, considering the uncertainties of the business environment, these teams should be interlinked. Interlinked to enable organisations are making the right decisions, with the right people, at the right time, and with the right funds.

Read the full description of the Agile and Finance talk.

Agile and Organisational Resilience – Creating opportunities through crisis and change

In this talk, I propose an organisational resilience mindset can enable enterprises to strengthen its resilience to unforeseen circumstances.

I will explain how organisational resilience with agile and lean can enable organisations to survive, thrive and create opportunities through crisis and change. The talk covers:

  • Why organisational resilience is critically relevant to your team and organisation
  • How agile and lean can enable your organisation to prepare and adapt to a crisis
  • How we, as practitioners, can develop and apply this thinking to our teams and organisations

To learn more, read my Organisational Resilience mini-series of articles.

An introduction to Cynefin – The complexity and decision-making framework

A more interactive talk which can be turned into a workshop called the Cynefin A&E game.

Agile PMO – Supporting your organisation’s revolution

Learn how the Project/Programme Portfolio Office can support their business in recognising and handling uncertainty. Learn how the PMO can coordinate the balance and flow of initiatives through each stage of the delivery lifecycle, through to delivery of value.

Learn more about the Agile PMO talk

Implementing Governance

Implement means to execute. Governance means to rule and control. This suggests implementing governance is a top-down deterministic approach to management. Such approaches are no longer fit-for-purpose.

Leaders and delivery teams should co-create approaches to ensure alignment and synchronisation. This talk is about collaborative approaches which support teams to deliver value.

Here’s more details on the Implementing Governance talk.