• Private: Self-Appointed Judges of the Human Race
    Book: 12 Rules for Life Author: Jordan B Peterson Page 297 I have seen university students, particularly those in the humanities, suffer genuine declines in their mental health from being philosophically berated by such defenders of the planet for their existence as members of the human species. It’s worse, I think, for young men. As … Continue reading "Private: Self-Appointed Judges of the Human Race"
  • Private: Groupthink versus we think (2 of 3)
    Book: Mindset Author: Carol Dweck Page 135 Groupthink can happen when the group gets carried away with its brilliance and superiority. At Enron, the executives believed that because they were brilliant, all of their ideas were brilliant. Nothing would ever go wrong. An outside consultant kept asking Enron people, “Where do you think you’re vulnerable?” … Continue reading "Private: Groupthink versus we think (2 of 3)"