• Private: As soon as we formalise a rule of thumb into a target, it becomes a source of distortion.
    Book: Messy Author: Tim Hartford Page: 183 Instead, we should be defining many rules of thumb and deliberately leaving it ambiguous as to which will be used in any given situation. It would be impossible to game them all, because gaming one would reduce performance on others. 
  • Private: Taylorism, Lorenz’s Butterfly effect and complex systems
    Book: Team of teams Author: McChrystalPage(s): 59 According to Taylor’s idea of efficiency, an understanding of the initial conditions of a system and the forces at play within it enables managers to compute the end result. But in a complex system with dense interconnections (even one as seemingly “clockwork” as a chess game), one would … Continue reading "Private: Taylorism, Lorenz’s Butterfly effect and complex systems"